Books and Communication



Among my other tasks I write books, articles, columns and other kinds of written communication. 



"Dansk design" (Gyldendal 2006). Released in English 2008 (by Gyldendal + Murdoch Books). A comprehensive his-tory over 575 illustrated pages covering Danish design through times, from the Stone Age axe to Bang & Olufsens newest cell phone. All fields of design are covered – industrial products, fas-hion and textiles, graphic design, furni-ture and means of transportation etc.

"Design og ledelse" (Design and  Management) unfortunately published only in Danish by Danish Design Centre in 2004. A booklet in the series ‘Design guides’. It is mainly about strategic design. Written with Tore Kristensen, professor at Copenhagen Business School.

"Designforskning – en international oversigt" (Design Research – an International Survey). Only in Danish, but with a short English resumé. Published by Aarhus School of Architecture in 2002. The book is a mapping of design research, emphasizing the Danish angle on the subject, but also with the international design research community strongly represented.

In the years of 2001-02 I was editor in chief for the design and architectural magazine RUM.

In 1999-2000 I was responsible for writing and editing the design and architectural content of the Danish daily newspaper Information.

From 1996 to 2002 I was responsible for the material related to product design in Rum & Form, which was the Association of Danish Designer’s magazine.