About Dickson Design


Dickson Design Develops strategies, creates design and works with communication.


Our goal is to create unique, innovative, beautiful and functional design. These design solutions must address the core of the problems and are therefore based on thorough analysis, systematic conceptual work and careful testing.




But design is not just styling of physical products.

citatationstegnDesign is the art of making dreams come truecitatationstegn

Design can also be used as an effective tool in the process of changing an organizations strategy. The analysis of the problems and the strategy work can just as well result in radically different concepts or design of new services, new experiences and new ways of making business!


Dickson Design is founded and lead by Thomas Dickson, who is an architect, industrial designer, journalist and design researcher. We work as consultants on design, communication, strategy and management.

Research is important, but it is crucial to translate design research into practice, otherwise it will just remain academic and basically redundant.