Going into its 6th year on the market my book
’Dansk design’ (Danish Design) is still selling in large numbers. A total of 49.000 copies of the book have now been printed in Danish. In addition to that comes almost 8.000 copies in English, and more are to come...


The Danish edition was released in November of 2006 and the 4th printing is right now on the market. In September of 2008 the English translation was published by Murdoch Books in both Australia and Great Britain. My Danish publisher Gyldendal has also released their version of the English translation and has the rights to market the book in Denmark.


Have a Speech

I make many presentations and lectures every year. A great deal of them are based on my book ’Dansk design’, but I also speak on many other aspects of design and innovation. No speech or lecture is the same, but are tailor-made for the occasion and the audience. Write or call me for a proposal, based on your specific needs!


Strategic Design


Have an evaluation made on your business – seen in a design perspective – a kind of design check-up! Discover how you can use design strategically in the company.

citatationstegnImagination is more important than knowledge! - Albert Einsteincitatationstegn

For example: How does your existing product design perform, or your visual identity and branding? Starting with the basis for your future existence as a company we will together analyze your company’s potential – seen in a design perspective. Do you know the book ’Blue Ocean Strategy’? I use that a lot as inspiration in my work!