What can I Deliver?


Thomas Dickson

No matter if it’s about developing a new product, setting up an exhibition, creating a brochure or figuring out what your company is going to exist on in 5 years time, design has an important role to play.


While working with design one has to imagine something that doesn’t exist yet – vision a future that is improved in some way or another. Design makes a difference and is able to achieve things that can influence companies and brands in a positive way on all levels in an organization.


Dickson Design relies on research, user studies and in-depth analysis to be able to advise and guide clients in the best possible way and create design solutions that work.


Thomas Dickson

I work a lot with product design and graphic communication, but have particularly specialized in strategic design and in developing new concepts, services and business opportunities. For example:


  • A corporate design check-up! In other words a thorough analysis of the company’s design, brand, products, communication and services - especially in relation to your customers/users expectation!

  • Creation of a design strategy for your organization! How can you enhance the value your products and other offerings, plus strengthen the brand of the company in the eyes of your customers??

  • An analysis of your company’s internal and/or external communication – with special emphasis on story telling, visual appearance etc.

  • I can also help with the actual design of products, packaging, communication, exhibitions etc. The ideal is to establish a close relationship with your organization regarding the specific projects, preferably in a teamwork where I can draw on my large network within the research community, in the design field and among other consultancies.

  • I can also arrange courses, seminars, workshops etc and give lectures and speeches. I have over the years obtained a wealth of experiences in managing and creating all sorts of seminars within design, creativity and innovation.

    citatationstegnThe difficulty lies, not in the new ideas, but escaping from the old ones. - John Maynard Keynescitatationstegn

    My courses and lectures are never a standard issue, but are tailor-made for the occasion. Examples of titles for these events could be: ‘Design knowledge for the company’, ‘Creativity and innovation within the organization’, ‘Design-scenarios and how to work with them?’, ‘Design Trends Today’, ‘Design Workshop’, ‘Identity, Design and Brand-building’.